Orthodontics is the practice of preventing and correcting irregularities of the teeth and jaws, by the use of braces. With vast experience in all different types of teeth braces, we can provide you with the perfect tooth straightening solution for you.
We offer a number of different treatments and will discuss which is the best course for you as part of a thorough new patient examination which includes x-rays and photos.
  • Clear Fixed Braces
    Clear brackets and white wires create near invisible clear braces.
  • Lingual Braces
    Lingual braces are different to other braces as they are fitted to the inside of the teeth. This makes lingual braces completely invisible – ideal for those who require orthodontic treatment but do not wish to compromise their appearance.
  • Invisalign
    We offer the clinically proven Invisalign brace treatment, the almost invisible way to provide teeth straightening. As specialist orthodontists we will conduct an initial consultation and only recommend Invisalign if the patient is suitable. Please also refer to the Invisalign page.